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MCI screening Test- MCI screening test 2013 Set A paper discussion

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This is the Video discussion of MCI screening test 2013 Set a Paper.
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FMGE 2013 Set A
1 hydatidiform mole 24wk size- S&E 
2 appendicular mass- conservative n elective suregery 
3 puerperal pyrexia- 38.4 
4 m.c.cause for puerperal pyrexia- infection 
5 breast buds- thelarche 
6 water contamination indicator- E.coli 
7 ASA- fitness of patient 
8 most emetogenic- cisplatin 
9 no hypoglycemia- metformin 
10 HLA B27 ass wid- ant.uveitis 
11 koplick spots- measeles 
12 gower's sign- duchenne's muscular dystrophy 
13 roth spots- papilledema 
14 monteggia fracture- proximal ulnar 
15 cockup splint- radial 
16 claw hand- ulnar 
17 kayser fleicher ring- wilson's 
18 typhoid ulcer perforation- 3rd wk 
19 antidote for benzodiazepines- flumezanil 
20 maize def- pellagra 
21 '4d'-pellagra 
22 m.c.symptom of endometriosis- dysmennorhea 
23 for thyroglossal cyst- subhyoid 
24 m.c.cause of neonatal mortality- prematurity 
25 human development index all r true except 
26 wound after appendectomy- clean contaminated 
27 burns- curling's ulcer 
28 distance of D.D.O- 25cms 
29 astigmatism- cylindrical 
30 myopia- concave 
31 cherry spt- CRAO 
32 relative risk for 7000 truckdrivers- 10 
33 zileuton- LOX inhibitor 
34 swan neck deformity- R.arthritis 
35 smoking causes- bladder ca 
36 eclampsia doc- MgSo4 
37 reed sternberg cells- H.lymphoma 
38 CHC population- 1,20,000 
39 ovulation in a 36day cycle- 22 
40 umblical cord- 2art n 1 vein 
41 umblical vein- oxygenated blood away from placenta 
42 Mcburney's point- medial 2/3 lateral 1/3 
43 wood's lamp a/e- lichen planus 
44 molluscum contagiosum- pox virus 
45 EBV all ca except- kaposi's 
46 HIV- RNA dependent DNA transcriptase 
47 m.c. emphysema- panacinar 
48 m.c.c. of mitral valve disease- R.fever 
49 ropy discharge- vernal keratoconjunctivitis 
50 microcytic hypochromic a/e- fanconi's anemia 
51 marcusgunn pupil- optic neuritis 
52 m.c.type 2 resp.failure- COPD 
53 pterygium definition- someone fill it plz 
54 phthisis bulbi a/e- increase IOP 
55 indicator of shock- CVP 
56 cardiac dominance- post.-- 
57 traveller's diarhhea- E.coli 
58 menopause- FSH 
59 Standard deviation- distribution 
60 cobble stone- spring cattarh 
61 not TSH dependent- medullary ca of thyroid 
62 stapedius - Facial nerve 
63 DDT- nerve poison 
64 pneumocytes- alveoli 
65 hypopyon- pus 
66 m.c.s htn- putamen 
67 all support uterus except- infundibulopelvic 
68 snowflake cataract- diabetes 
69 epidemic keratoconjunctivitis- adeno virus 
70 staph food poision- 6 hrs 
71 loozer's zone- osteomalacia 
72 congenital syphilis- IgMFTABS 
73 puddle sign- ascites 
74 D.nephropathy- microalbuminuria 
75 migriane DOC- sumatriptan 
76 hyperkalemic hyperchloremic- pyloric stenosis 
77 ICU sedation- propofol 
78 schistocytes- AIHA 
79 lower end of scapula- T7 
80 HIV needle prick- 0.3% 
81 for genital T.B- tubes 
82 surest sign of labor- show(not sure) 
83 1st test for infertility- husband's semen analysis 
84 IQ 40- imbecile 
85 not seen in ARDS- hypercapnia 
86 for venous ulcer- dorsum of foot(not sure) 
87 arlt's line- trachoma 
88 sarcoidosis x-ray- hilar lymphadenopathy 
89 all r palpated per rectum except- whole ureter 
90 C/I in uveitis- pilocarpine 
91 meckel's divurticulum a/e- not common in females 
92 ranula- retention cyst 
93 little's area a/e- post.ethmoidal 
94 rib notching- Coarctation of aorta 
95 disease with no chnge for many years- secular trend 
96 esophagus- 25cms 
97 caloric test- lateral semicircular canal 
98 AAVN seen in- talus fracture 
99 alcoholic forceful blood vomit- mallory weiss tear 
100 chovstek sign- hypocalcemia 
101 abductor of vocalcord- post.cricoarytenoid 
102 pauwel's classification- femur fracture 
103 alcoholic restlesness- akathesia 
104 lynching- homicidal hanging(agneepath movie) 
105 active form of vit.D- hydrocholcalciferol 
106 organophophate poisoning a/e- coma 
107 thrmobolytics- ischeamic attack 
108 CEA- colon cancer 
109 most imp. F.A- lenoliec acid 
110 polio diagnosis- isolation of virus from stool 
111 Social mobility definition 
112 glaucoma treatment for other eye- laser iridoto


  1. thank u for these videos Dr.Bharat ,i found them really inspiring,i wish you did make evn more such videos ,not just wrt to solving mci papers ,but questions subject wise ,it would be really helpful and inspiring,thanks!

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    1. Hello
      Am mauritian, just to tell you that there have been pretty trouble about medical colleges(indian branches) in our country... The equivalent is tertiary education council of mauritius has been severely criticized lately as these colleges are not recognised by ,auritius hence neither by indian. refering article on this website

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  6. hello sir im going to give mci on 2014sep ... im a student from russia rostov final year.. can u plz say me abt preparation of mci . im referring kamal kv text is it useful for preparation? could you give some information about mci syallabus mark reference regarding exam?