Friday, July 1, 2016

My experience as post graduate internal medicine in Madras Medical College

I took RNT udaipur in my first counselling and KGMC Lucknow in my second counselling. you have to join the department during second counselling compulsorily. I spent around a month in KGMC Lucknow.

Then I took Madras Medical College in my home town and came back.
Some differences between north and south that I experienced in this brief period were
A) The concept was very different in the north. They maintained hierarchy of Consultants , senior residents , JR 3,2,1 very strictly.
B) In the north , house surgeons actually don't do much( except few places like Delhi, Mumbai) 
It's pretty much the JR 1 who has to do what a house surgeon would do down south.
C) you cannot study much during JR1,2,3 in the north. Work would be considerably more.
D) Down south, house surgeons would do the blood sampling, occasional injections , catheterization, discharge summary.
E) not much clinical teaching though.

Apart from this, regarding clinical rotations, I had a better exposure in all departments in MMC . 6 months in 1 st year and 6 months in 2 ND year was spent in various departments.

Duties were hectic during first year, not much in second year and none in third year. This is in contrast to many places where a 3 ed year PG would be tied down with work and presentations just till before the exam.

They were not very strict in thesis verification.
Case exposure wise, I think it was one of my best experiences, I could see a wide variety of cases. Pretty much everything I read in my book, I was able to see such a patient. Rare cases were common in Madras Medical College!

Department was very cool depending on the unit you were alotted. There is no rotation of units. You are stuck with the same unit for 3 years. In my case I had wonderful batch mates and seniors, so I enjoyed my 3 years. I don't think others would share the same story though.

For all you guys preparing for MCI or NEET PG.....
I would give you this advice
Chose what you like, chose in a good place and enjoy your 3 years. It's important to have a conducive atmosphere to learn and enjoy valuable time of your life.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Resuming after a long time.

Hello friends,
I am sorry I was too busy doing my MD internal medicine that I couldn't blog for 2 years. Let us begin now, back with our pg preparation coaching.

Going to start with CVS.
Will upload YouTube video soon.