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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Internship in India- Tamil nadu Permanent Registration

Hello friends,
I am going to give you the procedure to apply for Tamil Nadu Permanent Registration ( as for FMGE)
The only difference for normal students and FMGE students is that FMGE student's application will be verified once with MCI, it will take more time. Whereas the normal tamil nadu students or transfer candidates will get it faster.

1.  Go to their home page -  http://www.tnmedicalcouncil.org/

2. You can download the form from the website itself   (or)
     You can go directly to the council and collect all the necessary documents.

3. In the application form, they will mention That a self addressed envelope is required ,Stamp for rs.22 etc,

(DONT WORRY, you will get everything in the council itself)
The form, self addressed envelope, the small acknowledgement card, the stamps, the challan etc will be available in the council itself.

What you need to take the first time

1. Attested xerox of 10th, 12th, internship completion certificate, NBE marksheet, previous state medical provisional(if you have it), Degree certificate (translations etc), final year transcript (marksheet) etc. Plus a requisition letter.

2. There is no need to carry the originals the first time or the cash of Rs.2500 the first time.

Where is the State medical council?
It's location has been changed to a new venue since last year.
Tamil Nadu Medical Council
No:914, Poonamalle High Road,
Phone No:044 - 26265678
Fax :044 - 26285678

This is their address.

The new venue- Sorry for the poor angle!

The basement area, The place where you see students sitting in the far corner is the place where you get stamps, where you have to pay Challan etc.

View from state medical council. It is situated just opposite to megamart.

You have to go to first floor for the registration purposes.

After You apply -

1. You will receive an acknowledgement letter, a  copy of the letter which they would send  to MCI. 

2. After that they would call you when your degree is verified by the MCI ( a process that may take 2 months).

3. They would request you to come on a particular day.

When you go for the Second Time 

1. Carry the originals - all the originals.

2.  You will get a challan , Pay it down in the basement area which i pointed out in the photo earlier. You will receive a candidates copy, and council copy.

Give them the council copy and a requisition letter.

3. Requisition letter in  this format

handwritten in A 4 Sheet.

4. Either wait till 3.30 pm, or go back home and come back.

Collect your registration certificate.

The small id card will be sent by post to your address.




  1. From 1st March 2014, no need to register in mci for permanent registration... All should register in their concerned state medical counsil..
    take one Xerox copy of(no need of attestation) followings
    1. One copy of intern completion certificate.
    2. One copy of degree certificate with apostiles
    3, one copy of 10,+2 Mark sheet
    4, one copy of screening test pass certificate
    5.eligibility certificate
    6.mci and tmc provisional registration certificate.
    7.one copy of birthday proof-I gave passport copy
    8. 4 passport size photos
    fill the application and postal card given by them.
    you will be called in 15 days after verification of your screening test by mci..I got call in 13 days.
    then go with your originals and pay2530 rs and write a declaration letter given by them.by 3:30 you will receive your pr certificate.. And I'd by post..
    Unfortunately candidate who applied before1st March in mci. Have to go through the mystery of waiting...

    1. can i take voters id for identity proof and ration card for address proof